Free donation platform

Because we feel that charities should spend their money on their cause instead of IT, Tjep's digital agency gives the world: a free donation platform. 

What is it?

The donation platform is inspired by fund raising and crowd funding. You can sponsor people and have the funding allocated to the cause. Or a fund raising activity where the target amount is set en visualized how far you've come. 

Some of the features

  • Set the target amount
  • Pay using a payment provider (default is Mollie but can be someting else)
  • Show or hide donations / donors
  • Show or hide subscription to news letters
  • Ability to start sub fund raising activities
  • Ability to leave a message as a donor
  • Easy content editing with over 30 content types
  • ...and so much more :-) 

Donate to the donation platform

You can use the donation platform for free. In case you think this is an awesome initiative we would absolutely welcome any donation. This way we can support the platform and develop new features. Donate