About us

The free donation platform is an initiative from Tjep's digital agency. We feel that fund raising should be available for all charities. By sharing this platform, this becomes reality instantly. 

And of course, wee do hope that you'll be as enthousiastic about the platform as we are :-)

Tjep's as a partner

Tjep's got a lot of experience with non profit organizations. We are a partner thanks to our skills and open mind set. We know what moves you and how you operate. By default we deliver:

  • Top notch hosting incl 24x7 monitoring, backups, firewall
  • Support desk
  • Youtube-channel with how to instructions
  • >30 content types for easy content editing
  • Library with over 3.000.000 photos for you free to use
  • >20 licensed modules for free
  • We help registered charities claim 10.000 USD per month of Google advertising (Google Grants) and get the most out of it


Do you want to know more about the donation platform? Send an email to info@tjeps.com or call directly Tycho de Waard : +31 611296 227.