Of course, you have question. We answered the most obvious ones bellow.In case your question is not there, please feel free to email info@tjeps.com

If Tjep's digital agency is taking care of the hosting, the application is free. you only pay for hosting. In the default there are a couple of modules that require a license. More about this can be found on https://www.gratisdonatieplatform.nl/Resources/Modules. As Tjep's has an ongoing subscription for these components, Tjep's customers are using these for free. Do you prefer to host yourself or use another supplier? More info about the modules and the costs can be found here.

Tjep's has no commmercial deals with any of the vendors regarding the donation platform. 

Tjep's feel that a donation platform should be available to all charity organizations. This way we contribute to a better world. 

Great spin off: if more people find out about the content management system DNN platform, more people realize what a wonderful piece of software it is and how easy to use. This creates more demand which means more business for the DNN community.

You are free to implement your own payment provider or hire someone to do that for you. The code is transparant and adjustable. Tjep's picked Mollie is this is popular in The Netherlands and no monthly fees are being charged. This way, as an organization, you can start small and grow to another payment provider if you feel the need. 

Tjep's is not checking whether your charity fund is legit. What you need to be aware of is that payment providers are obligated to do a background check regarding the origin and destination of money. This is to prevent financing of terrorism. Tjep's is not a part of this law or compliance to the law.

Yes, you can. DNN is designed to support multiple websites in 1 installation. You can create your own corporate site or marketing site in just s few clicks. All modules and themes are available for these websites as well.

The donation platform is not storing any bank account numbers. The payment provider is taking care of that.

What personal data do we store?

  • Name (in case the donor consents): This is to generate the list of donors. 
  • E-mail address: This is to send a thank you email or to subscribe to the news letter
  • Company name: (in case the donor consents): This is to show the company name in the list of donors.

Using an admin interface (Admin Mollie and Admin donors) these can be edited or removed. The admin interface is also used in case someone calls to verify whether a payment has been made or not. In the Admin Mollie, one can find  out the status of a payment.