Step 5: Change details

There are a couple of things you'll want to change in the donation form. 

  • On the page /en-us/Example-pages/Donate there is a form
  • When logged in as host or admin, go to Manage (how to do that: from 5:20)
  • Scroll to the button (Donate) and click. You'll find several actions tied to that button
  • The first action (mail to donor) at the very least you need to change the from mail address and the contents of the email
  • The second action you'll change the to address of the email and possibly the content
  • For the third action, you need to scroll down further. At the bind tokens the value of the description (donatie voor donatieplatform) needs to be changed. These text will be visible during payment and on the bank description afterwards. 

What you also want to adjust:

  • The password of the super user (host) is T3mPd0n4t1oN# by default but as more people have this copy, you'll want to have your own passwordn.
  • The email address of the Super user
  • databaseuser and password
  • SMTP settings for emails