Sorry, if things get a bit technical sometimes...

The default theme (look & feel) of the website is been created using NVQuickTheme. This is a method to create custom themes using Bootsrap 4 for the DNN CMS

Important to know

For marketeers / managers / non-tech

  • It is free
  • It is very fast which is good for your position in Google
  • The foundation is a technique that has been embraced widely, so support is all over the place.

For developers

  • The source of the theme of the download can be found on
  • We used Bootstrap 4 so, well documented
  • There is a webinar regarding NVQuicktheme(English)
  • You'll need some tooling like Gulp, Yarn etc. Explanation how to start : and in the webinar
  • Code:
  • Creator is a DNN MVP and the quality is really good.
  • In the installation there is also a theme based on Bootstrap 3. You can adjust this without Gulp, Yarn etc: just manipulate the HTML/CSS and you'll be fine.